PipelineDB Cluster

PipelineDB Cluster is our commercial offering of PipelineDB and is designed for organizations that require a more scalable, highly available, feature-rich edition of PipelineDB for higher value production use cases. Technical documentation can be found here. PipelineDB Cluster includes:



Horizontal scalability across hardware nodes for increased throughput

high availability

High Availability

Automated replication and failover of hardware nodes for maximum uptime

realtime push capabilities

Realtime Alerting

Event triggers on steroids - create custom alerts using standard SQL

high performance storage

High Performance Storage

Vacuumless storage format for systems with high ingest rates

backups and disaster recovery

Backups and Disaster Recovery

Easily backup and restore your PipelineDB instance in the event of a system failure

24/7 enterprise support

24/7 Enterprise Support

Seamless access to the core engineering team that built PipelineDB

Getting Started

PipelineDB Cluster is offered under a commercial software license for one or three year terms. Please complete the following form for more information on pricing and to get a trial version of PipelineDB Cluster.