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PipelineDB Partners with HPE to Bring Streaming Analytics to Vertica

We're excited to announce a new partnership between PipelineDB and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise in an effort to bring streaming capabilities to Vertica and expand PipelineDB's usage in the enterprise. This partnership is the result of PipelineDB usage we were seeing from Vertica customers who wanted a tighter integration between the two products in order to enable use cases like realtime anomaly detection, continuous monitoring, and realtime reporting that require joining streaming data in PipelineDB with historical data from Vertica.

The partnership is a part of HPE's Big Data Platform Technology Alliance Program and enables Vertica users to add streaming capabilities without leaving the confines of SQL. PipelineDB and Vertica are both relational databases, making them highly compatible out of the box. The addition of streaming-SQL capabilities to Vertica's columnar database enables Vertica customers to architect a lambda architecture using 100% SQL by continuously processing and acting on streaming data as it arrives and then either joining continuous views in PipelineDB with Vertica tables or sending data to Vertica for further analysis and archiving.

You can read a more detailed technical overview of the PipelineDB + Vertica integration, written by the HPE partner engineering team, for examples of how to use PipelineDB and Vertica together. You can also download PipelineDB in the HPE Big Data Marketplace or from the PipelineDB website.